Why would SiSU Mentality benefit you?

Written by Doctor Jesse Mead:

Any professional person will tell you that because of their work, they see the world through a different prism than everyone else. As a Sports Doctor, a recent trip to a Florida beach was a bonanza to my eyes: forward head posture, swayback, rolled shoulders, lower crossed syndrome, and scoliosis was abundant! Though it may sound like a terrible curse to see dysfunction everywhere, we actually take great pleasure in helping people with these conditions. Postural problems that we can see aren’t the only indicator of a musculoskeletal problem. The skill that makes SiSU Mentality unique is the ability to “feel” motion. No other program spends as much time feeling the motion of the individual joints of the body, and as a skilled Doctor, I can test a joint in three planes of motion. When I feel a restriction or lack of motion in any joint in the body, we have a technique to correct it. At SiSU Mentality, we are skilled in manual(by hand) therapies like joint manipulation, self-myofascial release, deep tissue treatment, and active/passive muscle stretching to get your body moving properly again. A benefit of coming to our clinic is that we also have extensive training in exercise therapies. When joints and muscles start to move freely again, specific exercises will help to brace areas that are weak or unstable. We teach you simple moves that you can adopt at home or at the gym in order to perform regular maintenance on yourself. Minor dysfunctions usually fly under the radar. Your brain treats them like annoyances or white noise. When that noise becomes louder pain occurs. Come see us before the pain hits and you will see added benefits of increased well-being and enhanced athletic performance.

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